Jonathan Austin (filmmaker)

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Jonathan Austin
Jonathan Austin on the Greencastle set
Born (1984-10-06) October 6, 1984 (age 34)
Years active2003–present
On set of The Wind Blows (2011)

Jonathan Austin (born October 6, 1984) is an American cinematographer.


Austin began his career as a news photographer in 2003 with NBC News WHAG[citation needed] before moving into cinematography and film producing work for a wide range of production companies in 2006 (New York).[citation needed] His work has been featured in several independent feature films, national television commercials, not-profit ad campaigns and documentary films.

In 2008 Austin started working with CTV National News in their Washington Bureau as a national and international news photographer and editor.[citation needed]

Austin is also known for his work on Koran Dunbar's film Greencastle (2011)[1] and JP Azais' film The Wind Blows (2010).


Year Work Role
2006 Desole Cinematographer/editor
2006 This Time Around Cinematographer/editor
2008 Walking to Maryland Cinematographer/editor
2011 The Wind Blows Cinematographer
2011 Beyond City Limits Cinematographer
2011 The Sporting Life Cinematographer/editor
2011 Greencastle Cinematographer/editor
2011 Jayme Salviati music video Cinematographer/editor
2012 L.E.A.D Uganda Cinematographer/editor
2012 Its Not Charity Cinematographer/editor
2012 Sarah Nisch music video Cinematographer/editor
2012 Kent Odessa music video Cinematographer/editor
2012 One harbor Cinematographer/editor
2013 The Ephesian Cinematographer/editor


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