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Jonny Henderson is a British keyboard player most known for his work on the Hammond organ. He has been voted Keyboard Player of the Year in both the 2010 and 2011 British Blues Awards.[1]

Since 2004, he has toured worldwide with blues guitarist Matt Schofield as part of the Matt Schofield Trio, and has performed on all of Schofield's albums to-date. Henderson also plays regularly with the guitarist and singer Ian Siegal, on whose albums and DVDs he appears.

In 2009, Henderson released an instrumental funk/jazz album under his own name, entitled Where Did I Leave My Keys?

2016 saw him perform on Blueberry Pie, an album by Suzy Starlite and Simon Campbell of the Starlite Campbell Band.


  • 2004: Matt Schofield - The Trio, Live
  • 2005: Matt Schofield - Live at the Jazz Café
  • 2005: Matt Schofield - Siftin' Thru' Ashes
  • 2005: Ian Siegal - Meat & Potatoes
  • 2006: Otis Grand - Hipster Blues
  • 2007: Ian Siegal - Swagger
  • 2007: Matt Schofield - Ear To The Ground
  • 2009: Matt Schofield - Heads, Tails & Aces
  • 2009: Ian Siegal - Broadside
  • 2009: Jonny Henderson - Where Did I Leave My Keys?
  • 2010: Matt Schofield - Live From the Archive
  • 2011: Matt Schofield - Anything But Time
  • 2016: Starlite Campbell Band - Blueberry Pie

Radio appearances[edit]

  • December 2005: BBC Radio 2 - Paul Jones' annual round up (with the Matt Schofield Trio)[2]
  • June 2009: BBC Radio 2 - Paul Jones Rhythm and Blues Show (with the Matt Schofield Band)[2]


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