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Joost van Bleiswijk (born 1976, Delft)[1] is a Dutch designer who lives in Eindhoven. After he graduated at the Design Academy he became known for his Outlines series.[2]


Stanislas college Delft VWO Diploma obtained in 1996

Design Academy Eindhoven Juni 2001 Man and Well-Being.

Internship at Studio Job (2000)


Next to his own collections he worked with several companies such as Ahrend, Bernhardt Design, Bruut furniture, city of Eindhoven, design connection Brainport, Lebesque, etc. His work is sold and exhibited through (inter)national galleries as for example Moss gallery[3] in New York and Vivid gallery in Rotterdam, Secondome, the Holon Design Museum in Israel and the Zuiderzeemuseum in the Netherlands.[4]

Other activities[edit]

Lecture at Wanted Design Week Kiev, 2009 - Lecture at Witte dame Eindhoven 2007- Guest teacher at Krabbesholm design school - Lecture at the U.N. University Tokio 2006 - Concept belleza Universale 2005 - Concept Design-Sucks 2003/2004 - Concept scrapheap-design-challenge 2004 - Design workshops Art-quake Hoofddorp 2002/2003


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