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Joppiesaus is a Dutch snack sauce. It is a cold, yellow sauce available in fast food restaurants throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. The sauce is usually consumed with fries, hamburger or other fast food snacks.


Joppiesaus was developed by the owner of a cafeteria in Glanerbrug, who herself was nicknamed Joppie. In the early 2000s the sauce gradually became ever more popular and nowadays it is available at most fast food restaurants and several supermarkets.

Ingredients and flavor[edit]

Joppiesaus is based on vegetable oil, water and an emulsifier. It also contains onion and curry powder.[1][2] The original recipe is kept a secret, but on the web one can find recipes that match the original taste closely.


Joppiesaus is produced by Elite Salades & Snacks in the town of Neede.[3] This company has bought the original recipe from the cafeteria in Glanerbrug and are the legal owners of the brand name Joppiesaus.

Potato chips[edit]

In February 2011 Lay's introduced a flavor of potato chips called Patatje Joppie (french fries with joppie sauce). It was the winner of a competition called Maak je smaak ('Create your own flavor').

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