Jordan Lake (Alabama)

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sunset on Lake Jordan, Alabama
Jordan Dam in background

Jordan Lake is a lake in Elmore County, Alabama. The closest city is Wetumpka.

Jordan Lake is a reservoir with a water surface of 6,800 acres (28 km²), shoreline of about 188 miles, a total length of 18 miles, and a maximum storage volume of 236,200 acre-feet.[1] It is a recreational lake with fishing opportunities for largemouth bass, spotted bass, bluegill and other sunfish, crappie, catfish, striped bass, hybrid and white bass. The lake has two public access sites.[2]

Owned and operated by Alabama Power, the lake was impounded December 31, 1928 and named for the mother of Reuben and Sidney Mitchell, who were instrumental in the construction of Mitchell Dam, also on the Coosa River and also run by Alabama Power. Jordan Dam is a concrete arch dam, 125 feet high, built for hydropower generation with a 100 megawatt generating capacity.


Coordinates: 32°37′08″N 86°15′27″W / 32.61900°N 86.25743°W / 32.61900; -86.25743