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Jordan Securities Commission
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Agency overview
JurisdictionJordanian government
HeadquartersAmman Jordan
Agency executive
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The Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) (Arabic: هيئة الاوراق المالية) is a public institution with financial and administrative autonomy in Jordan


The Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) was established in 1997 as a public institution with financial and administrative autonomy to develop, regulate and monitor Jordan’s capital market to maintain a sound investment environment and protect investors. The JSC is entrusted with developing the capital market in accordance with international standards to secure fairness, safety and attract domestic and foreign investors.

In order to ensure fairness, sovereignty and proper administration of the rule of law, the JSC continuously enforces the Securities Law and its related regulations. It regulates, monitors, and supervises the business operations of the Amman Stock Exchange, the Securities Depository Center, financial services companies, public shareholding companies, investment funds and certified financial professionals. Furthermore, the JSC is committed to securing investor protection and market development and to enforcing disclosure of information regulations pertaining to the securities market.

Mission, vision and objectives[edit]


To upgrade the national capital market, to have a fair, transparent and efficient attractive environment to investment.


To regulate, monitor and develop the capital market in issues related to disclosure, financial services activities and dealing in securities to enhance trust in the national economy, encourage investment, protect investors and upgrade legislations continuously, as well technical developments according to recent standards and international best practices.


  • Regulate and develop the capital market.
  • Protect Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) investors in securities.
  • Protect the capital market from risks.
  • Upgrade JSC performance and enhance its efficiency.
  • Increase market awareness.


  • Issue legislations that regulate and develop the capital market and assist in providing a proper environment for investing in securities.
  • Provide the investor with all necessary information needed to support his investment decision including transparency and disclosure whether for issuing companies performance or for the trading process or for parties subject to the Commission’s monitoring and supervision.
  • Develop the necessary financial services for the capital market.
  • Promote the establishment of mutual funds and regulate these funds to provide investment opportunities for small investors and efficient investment management.
  • Implement up to date international standards in the capital market and related entities for disclosure, electronic trading, electronic keeping and price settlement of securities, as well as up-to-date International Accounting and Auditing Standards on parties subject to the JSC monitoring and supervision.
  • Accredit the Standards of Professional Conduct for people working at the JSC, ASE, SDC and their members.
  • Impose penalties on violators of the Law and those who commit prohibited acts.
  • Disseminate awareness among investors and the public in general in issues relevant to the national capital market and its entities, as well as other issues related to investing in securities.
  • Provide continuous training for JSC staff and for people working at the ASE and SDC to enhance their academic and professional levels, in addition to people working in licensed services companies and registered persons.
  • Receive and investigate complaints from the public and investors, to undertake proper procedures by imposing penalties on violators of the provisions of Law, instructions, and regulations issued pursuant to it.
  • Enhance the monitoring software on parties subject to the JSC surveillance and enhance daily supervision on trading at the ASE

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