Jorge Veytia

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Jorge Veytia
Personal details
Born (1981-04-23) 23 April 1981 (age 36)
Mexico City, Mexico
Political party Institutional Revolutionary Party

Jorge Isaac Veytia (born April 23, 1981) is a Mexican actor and lawyer. He is now a specialist on Ancient Egyptian Law and International Commercial Contracts.

Life as an actor[edit]

During his early life he was part of some important Mexican soap operas that reached a record in audience rating at that time. During 2004 he appeared at several television programs and developed some important projects in the Mexican and Spanish television.[1]

Despite his great success, he left his career as an actor in order to become a lawyer.

Life as a lawyer[edit]

During 2004 he started working for UNIDROIT (The International Institute for the Unification of Private Law) preparing the Guide to International Master Franchise Arrangements in its Spanish version. Nowadays, this Guide is a reference for all local legislations in Latin America concerning the development of the franchise industry.[2]

He obtained a Bachelor in Laws from the Panamerican University in Mexico City during 2005. The same year, he was admitted to practice in Mexico. After several years studying Ancient Egyptian culture, he then published openly his first book concerning Ancient Egyptian Law.[3]

The next year, after travelling all across the globe through China, Egypt and Brazil, he worked for the prestigious Italian firm Lexjus where he focused in the area of international contracts in South America.[4]

Later, he obtained a Master in Laws at the Padova University and later, a Doctorate Degree.[5] Nowadays he speaks Spanish, German, French, Italian and English and he is admitted also to practice law in Italy and Germany.[6] Actually he lives in Berlin, Germany working for a law firm specialized in International Contracts.[7]

In 2012 he published a collection of poems, tales and essays named "Obertura".[8]

He is member of the Mexican Institutional Revolutionary Party since 1999.

Dealing with Narcolepsy[edit]

In 2002 he was diagnosed with narcolepsy; however, he has an almost completely normal life.[9] Jorge Veytia's experiences and treatments have been used several times in the Mexican press and television in order to show how narcolepsy is treated and how patients can recover without major problems.[10]


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