José Antônio Moreira Filho, 2nd Baron of Ipanema

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Comendador José Antônio Moreira Filho.jpg

José Antônio Moreira Filho, the second baron grandee of Ipanema (27 August 1830 in Rio de Janeiro — 27 February 1899 in Rio de Janeiro), was a Brazilian businessman in real estate. He was a partner of José Luís Guimarães Caipora, and a member of the Brazilian nobility in the Empire of Brazil.

He was the son of José Antônio Moreira, first baron, viscount and count grandee of Ipanema, and of Laurinda Rosa Ferreira dos Santos. He married Luísa Rudge. They left many descendants, from which marriage they bore the compound surname Ipanema Moreira.

He was made Commander of the Military Order of Christ and of the Order of Our Lady of the Conception of Vila Vicosa. He received his baronage by decree on 13 May 1885, and the grandeeship by decree on 5 September 1888. His title referenced the Rio Ipanema, on whose banks his father had built the Ipanema Ironworks, in Sorocaba. Subsequently, Moreira settled down in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where he was a leader in the urbanization of the Town of Ipanema, today's district of Ipanema.