José Corrales

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José Corrales
Born October 20, 1937
Guanabacoa, Cuba
Died May 2002
New York City
Nationality Cuban
Occupation Playwright, poet

José Corrales (October 20, 1937-May 2002) is best known as a poet and playwright.


José Corrales was born in Guanabacoa, Cuba on October 20, 1937. He performed with Francisco Morin’s Prometeo theater group in Havana and wrote for Bohemia and La Gaceta de Cuba.[1]

He left Cuba in 1964 for Mexico and settled in New York the following year. Corrales soon became active with the local Hispanic theater community, serving as literary advisor for Dumé Spanish Theatre and also working with INTAR Theatre, Centro Cultural Cubano, and the Latin American Theater Ensemble. He also directed the Spanish Drama Club at Mercy College.[1]

Corrales authored about twenty-five plays, among them Las hetairas habaneras with Manuel Pereiras García, Un vals de Chopin, and Los tres Marios y Cuestión de santidad. His poetry appeared in various magazines and anthologies in the United States and Spain. A large part of his works remain unpublished. José Corrales died in May 2002 in New York.[1]

Works or publications[edit]

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Notes and references[edit]

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