José Eisenberg

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José Eisenberg
José Eisenberg.jpg
Born (1945-08-20) 20 August 1945 (age 72)
Residence Monaco
Nationality Italian
Occupation Entrepreneur
Children 3

José Eisenberg is an Italian entrepreneur, best known for being the founder and owner of Eisenberg Paris. After several years working in the fashion industry, and creating two companies in the IT industry, Eisenberg founded the José Eisenberg brand in 2000, which was renamed Eisenberg in 2001.

Early life and education[edit]

Eisenberg was born on 20 August 1945 in a family of Textile Industrialists in Bucarest, Romania, where all the family properties were then confiscated by the Communists, due to the new political regime.[1] He spent his childhood in Romania during the communist post-war era.[2] Eisenberg’s family was strongly influenced by French culture; his father had studied at La Sorbonne in Paris, and his uncle was a French citizen and had fought during The Second World War for France as a Resistant in the Maquis, and was then shot in Paris by the Nazis on the Day of the Liberation of France. At 13, Eisenberg had to leave school and worked as a handyman and newspaper deliverer, among other jobs.[3] He also worked in small art workshops, like at the time of the Renaissance.[4] He passed his Baccalaureate Certificate later on, as an independent candidate.[5]


At age 21 Eisenberg began working in the fashion industry in Florence, Italy, where he created his design studio as well as a fashion factory. He designed and produced collections for various fashion brands.[5] In 1972, Eisenberg was granted the title of Citizen of Honor for his contribution in industrializing the region of Basilicata in Italy.[6]

In 1974 went to the US to work in technology. He started working in the emerging Artificial Intelligence field in the US, while continuing to work in the fashion industry. He founded the company JE Contrex in Boston, where he hired scientists from MIT. Eisenberg was successful in developing functioning technology into artificial intelligence; however, the computer's memory limitation at the time did not allow him to progress. In 1976 he launched a second company, Eisenberg Data Systems (E.D.S.), which designed the first personal computer and the first removable keyboard.[7]

In 1985 Eisenberg started to work on skin care, creating his own beauty products brand reflecting his idea of a timeless Beauty.[8] A thirteen-year R&D, followed by two years of clinical and medical tests led to what he called the Trio-Molecular Formula.[9] This development became the cornerstone of the Eisenberg brand and is present in all the skincare products of the company.[10]

Subsequent to the discovery of the Trio-Molecular Formula, Eisenberg created the José Eisenberg brand in 2000[11] and one year later, he changed the name of the brand to Eisenberg.[10][12] According to Eisenberg, he conceives and creates all the products for his brand. Along with skin care products, Eisenberg has also created a line of perfumes and make-up collections.[13][14]

Personal life[edit]

Eisenberg has three children, two daughters and a son. His son Edmond manages the strategy at Eisenberg Paris.[15]


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