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He was born in the Dominican Republic, in a place called bayaguana approximately 52 kilometers away from the capital, (Santo Domingo) the second of a family of 5 brothers, his parents Luís Gómez and Ozema Hernández. His original name put by his parents is Andrés Gómez Hernández. Art name (José Gómez).

He narrates his testimony: Since I was a child I felt great concern for music, and something happened that motivated me a lot. One day my mother went to get me to school and she established a conversation with my teacher and I heard that the teacher said, that child has a light, and I said inside of me that I'm going to become an artist, I stayed with that impression on my heart for a long time. In that same year something impressive happened in my life that only comes to understand when I was 17 years old, here I tell you my testimony. If today I serve Jesus it is because I know that Jesus is not a simple mention Jesus Christ is a reality, he saved my life when I was 6 years old and I will never forget that. I went away from the house where I lived with my grandparents, I went to a place to look for mango fruit that is pretty much where I was born, I remember I was with 4 cousins of mine, suddenly on the road I climbed a tree and being up there I grabbed one of its branches and fell head first, I did not know about it until after half an hour; They took me to the house that was distant and my family complained because they did not have my life. After much crying, the Lord put his hand on me and gave me life again and as proof that the Lord had done a miracle they examined me and found no sign of the blow that had hit me in the head, Jesus healed me at that moment. It happened about 2 years of that event and I had a dream, in the dream I saw Jesus on the cross, I saw his hands wounded and I started crying because I could not see his face I just saw his hands sprout blood and desperate I told him Jesus I want to see you face and he told me now you can not see me before you have to wash your face, I was a child I could not understand the message but God knew I would understand later I would worry and I cried with more strength, but at that moment the gentleman seeing me Crying promised me that I would see his face. I awoke from the dream and began to live with the hope of one day seeing Jesus. The years passed within which there were events that indicated that the Lord was guiding my life with a special purpose. I reached the age of 17, it was when I met the Adventist message and after being two years in church I understood why the man saved my life when I was a child, I could understand the meaning of the dream I had had, he saved my life because He had a special purpose for me. The dream when I saw it on the cross and told me you have to wash your face to see my face symbolized the baptism in your town, it represents the living water that would wash my heart. The blood I saw spilling from his hands represented the price paid for my sins. In gratitude today I serve my Jesus. I am 36 years old in the church of which I have been working full time in the work of God for more than 25 years through Christian music, he is fulfilling his purpose in me. I feel happy because he has given me a wonderful wife and three children: my wife Melania Espinosa and my three children: José Gomez Jr, Elio Nais Gomez and Josmely Gomez. My family is part of this wonderful ministry that God has placed in my hands.

In the ministry that God has given us, never imagine knowing so many beautiful people, from different cultures. God has given me the privilege of carrying the message to different countries of the world, that was within the purpose of God with me and I did not know, I can already understand that the Lord preserved my life from the womb of my mother to carry the message of encouragement, hope and salvation to the whole world through singing. My message to you that you are reading this testimony is that if you are here in this world today it is because God has a special purpose for you, he has saved your life many times without realizing it, put your life completely in the hands of Jesus and He will fulfill his purpose in you. Psalm 138; 8 I thank God for giving me the opportunity to sing for him, to be an instrument in his hands, thank God and glory in his name for the testimony of so many people who have received physical and spiritual healing through the songs that he He has given me He is the one who does the work through music. As a singer of the Lord Jesus Christ I not only limit myself to sing in one church I go to all the denominations that invite me, because this is the will of God that we carry the message to the whole world and love our neighbor as ourselves.

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