José de Fontes Pereira

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José de Fontes Pereira (born 1838 in Luanda - died May 1891) was a radical Angolan lawyer-journalist and writer.


Considered an early Angolan nationalist and assimilado, Pereira took advantage of a relatively free press in Angola from 1870-1890 to question Portuguese obligations and control over Angola. He addressed topics such as the export of black Angolans to São Tomé and Príncipean plantations, coerced labor within the colony, inefficiency, corruption and racial discrimination, amongst many others.

Writing for the literate Portuguese settler population of Angola, Pereira wrote mostly in the Portuguese language. Pereira lost his job and was put on trial when, in 1890, he suggested that the British should take over colonial administration of the colony due to Portuguese incompetence. He died 16 months later in May 1891 of natural causes.

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