Josef Eduard Teltscher

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Josef Eduard Teltscher
Josef Eduard Teltscher, a self-portrait. Lithography 1825.
Born Josef Eduard Teltscher
(1801-01-15)January 15, 1801
Prague, Bohemia
Died July 7, 1837(1837-07-07) (aged 36)
Piraeus, Greece
Nationality Austrian
Known for Painting
Notable work Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) on his deathbed, 28 March 1827.
Movement Romanticism

Josef Eduard Teltscher, born 15 January 1801 in Prague, Bohemia,[1] was an Austrian painter and lithographer. He was one of the best Viennese portrait lithographers and watercolourists of the first half of the nineteenth century in Central Europe, and as a miniaturist, according to his contemporaries, he was an no less than Moritz Daffinger himself.


Teltscher began his apprendiship in lithography in (Brno) and then from 1823 he was a student at the Vienna Academy.[1] He was one of the first and most outstanding portrait lithographers in Vienna of the Biedermeier period and already had dealt with this new technology even before Josef Kriehuber. From 1829 to 1832, he had a very fruitful and successful period in Graz.[2]

He was close to Franz Schubert and his circle of friends and created the most authentic portraits of the master.[1] Also, he was with Ludwig van Beethoven on his deathbed.[3] These blades were, as described in Die Welt von Gestern, owned by Stefan Zweig,[4] but that are property of the British Library today. On 7 July 1837, Teltscher drowned on a study trip in the port of Piraeus near Athens, Greece.

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A series of five lithographs by Josef Eduard Teltscher

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