Josef Larsson

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Josef Larsson
Portrait of Josef Larsson
Born(1893-10-12)12 October 1893
Karlstad, Sweden
Died27 December 1987(1987-12-27) (aged 94)
OccupationTrade unionist and politician
ChildrenTwo sons

Josef Larsson (12 October 1893 - 27 December 1987) was a Norwegian metal worker and trade unionist, born in Sweden. From 1931 he was a secretary for the Norwegian Union of Iron and Metalworkers. He was a board member of the Norwegian Labour Party from 1927 to 1930.[1]

In 1941, after the so-called milk strike in Oslo, Larsson was sentenced to death in a German court-martial, but his conviction was changed to imprisonment for life.[2][3]

He spent the rest of the war years in German jails.[4] After the war he took up again the position as chairman of the Norwegian Union of Iron and Metalworkers, a post he held until 1958.

Early and personal life[edit]

Larsson was born in Karlstad to carpenter Karl Larsson and Elise Jansson, and married Ragnhild Karlsson in 1922.[5]

Larsson died in 1987 at 94 years of age.

External image
Larsson (middle) with Konrad Nordahl (right) and Karsten Torkildsen.


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