Josep Pla (composer)

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To be distinguished from the writer Josep Pla

Josep Pla i Agustí (c. 1728 – 1762) was a Spanish composer, youngest of three composer-brothers: his older brother Joan Baptista Pla (1720–1773), was an oboist in Lisbon, and Manuel Pla (c.1725–1766), harpsichordist at the court of Madrid.

Works, editions and recordings[edit]

  • Stabat Mater – recording Raquel Andueza, soprano, Pau Bordás, bass, Orquesta Barroca Catalana, dir. Olivia Centurioni, LMG 2011.
  • Tono divino – Pedro, cuánto has dejado por seguir a tu maestro



  • Dolcet, Josep. "L'obra dels germans Pla, bases per a una catalogaci," Anuario Musical v. 42 (1987), p. 131–188. (includes thematic catalog of works)