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George W. Childs School

Joseph Anschutz, or Joseph Anshutz, was an American architect who designed schools in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

He designed approximately 75 schools, some nearly identical.[1]

Works designed or co-designed by Anschutz that have been listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places include:[2]

listed as Joseph Anschutz or Joseph W. Anschutz[2]
listed as Joseph W. Anshutz or J.W. Anshutz or Joseph Anshutz[2]
The Landreth School has been redeveloped.[3]

An early 20th-century article that uses the "Anshutz" spelling says he also co-designed Philadelphia's Central High School.[4]

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  • Louis Anshutz, an architect who designed two NRHP-listed Philadelphia schools


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