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Joseph Edward Billings was an architect in Boston, Massachusetts, in the mid-19th century.[1] Among his business partners: brother Hammatt Billings and Charles Frederick Sleeper.[2] He served in the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia[3][4] and belonged to the Boston Artists' Association.


National Theatre, West End, Boston, 1850s; designed by Billings & Sleeper
J.E. Billings
Billings & Billings
  • Temple Club, West St., Boston[2]
  • Boston Museum[2]
  • Grace Episcopal Church, Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1851[2]
  • Cathedral Building, Boston, 1873[2]
  • Thayer Library, Braintree, Massachusetts, 1874[2]
  • College Hall, Wellesley College, 1875[2]
Billings & Sleeper


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