Joseph Gasser von Valhorn

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Rudolf IV, originally on the Elizabeth Bridge, Vienna
tympanum, right portal, Votivkirche, Vienna, circa 1873

Joseph Gasser Ritter von Valhorn (b. 22 Nov., 1816 at Prägraten, Tyrol; d. 28 Oct., 1900) was an Austrian sculptor.


He was first instructed by his father, a wood-carver, and later studied at the Academy, Vienna. In 1846 he went to Rome, where a government stipend enabled him to remain several years. On his return in 1852 he settled in Vienna. His brother Hanns Gasser was also a noted sculptor.

Gasser was professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna from 1865 to 1873; among his most notable students were Viktor Oskar Tilgner and Theodor Khuen. Glasser was awarded a knighthood in 1879. Despite many public commissions, his career was neglected within his own lifetime, with little or no influence on the development of modern sculpture in Austria.


Gasser's work includes:


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