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Joshua Casey Thompson (born in Lawrence, Kansas on February 28, 1962[1]) is a retired American biathlete and pilot. He was educated at Colorado Rocky Mountain School and Western State Colorado University, attending the latter on an athletic scholarship and leading them to a national collegiate cross-country title. He initially enjoyed success at junior level as a cross-country skier before switching to biathlon after first coming across the sport whilst competing at the junior national cross-country championships in 1980.[2] His silver at the 20 km race of the Biathlon World Championships 1987 was the best place a US biathlete had achieved at that point.[3][4] He never won an Olympic medal[5] but finished sixteenth at the 1992 Winter Olympics which was a good showing for Americans at that time.[6] As the sport was not popular in the US at that time he was said to be better known in Europe than in his homeland.[7] He has since become a pilot in Gunnison, Colorado.[8]