Joshua Mason Macomber

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Joshua Mason Macomber, A.M, M.D.
Born (1811-10-11)October 11, 1811
New Salem, Massachusetts, United States
Died February 9, 1881(1881-02-09) (aged 69)
Uxbridge, Massachusetts, US
Occupation Educator, Physician, University of Pennsylvania, Medical College, Principal, Uxbridge Academy
Spouse(s) Sarah A Lee
Children One son died at age 18
Uxbridge Academy building where Joshua Mason Macomber taught prep school

Joshua Mason Macomber, A.M., M.D (J Mason Macomber), (October 11, 1811 – February 9, 1881) was a noted educator and a physician from New Salem, Massachusetts, United States.

Early life[edit]

Macomber grew up Baptist in New Salem, Mass. He came in later life to be a Unitarian.[1] Macomber attended Amherst College for 1 year and then Brown University, from which he received his undergraduate degree, A.M., 1835.[1] He married Sarah A. Lee of Chester in 1838.[1] During the time he was at Brown, he first came to Uxbridge, Massachusetts and worked at the Uxbridge Academy.[1] He served in a number of New England Preparatory academies in the 1830s.[1]


He returned to Uxbridge in 1841 to become the principal at the Uxbridge Academy.[1] J. Mason Macomber was the principal of Uxbridge Academy from 1841 to 1850.[2] Famous Historian and writer, William Augustus Mowry detailed this accomplished educator's life in a biographical sketch with the publication, "The Uxbridge Academy-A brief history with a Biographical Sketch of J. Mason Macomber, A.M., M.D". The Uxbridge Academy was formed in 1818 at Uxbridge, Massachusetts.[1] It flourished in the early, mid, 19th century and graduated a number of prominent citizens as one of New England's historic preparatory academies.[1] The Uxbridge Academy developed a widespread reputation and during his tenure attracted hundreds of students from hundreds of communities in from at least six states.[1]

Later career[edit]

In 1851 he enrolled at the New York Medical College to study to become a physician.[1] He graduated from New York Medical College in 1854.[1] He became a professor in the University of Pennsylvania Medical College at Philadelphia. Around 1861 his only son died at the age of 18.[1] He was devastated, and although he could have stayed and taught at Penn, he chose instead to return to Uxbridge.[1] He remained in Uxbridge and active as a Unitarian and in community service until his death in 1881.[1]


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