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Josiah J. Hawes, c. 1850-1855
Advertisement for J.J. Hawes, Boston, 1868

Josiah Johnson Hawes (1808–1901) was a photographer in Boston, Massachusetts. He and Albert Southworth established the photography studio of Southworth & Hawes, which produced numerous portraits of exceptional quality in the 1840s–1860s.[1]


School Street, Boston, 1850s, National Gallery of Art

J.J. Hawes was born in Wayland, Massachusetts in 1808. He began his career as a portrait painter. He then studied photography in Boston with Francis Fauvel-Gouraud.[1][2]

In 1843 Hawes and Southworth formed the partnership of Southworth & Hawes, with studios on Tremont Row, in Boston's Scollay Square. The studio produced daguerreotype portraits of many notables, including Lemuel Shaw, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Daniel Webster, and others.[3] The studio rooms overlooked "a fine orchard, belonging to the Gardiner Greene estate. From these windows, facing Scollay Sq., we looked on the church and gardens of Brattle Street"[4]

In 1849 Hawes married Nancy Stiles Southworth (Albert’s sister). They had three children: Alice, Marion and Edward.[5]

After the partnership with Southworth dissolved in 1863, Hawes continued as a photographer on Tremont Row for several decades, through the 1890s.[6] In his later years he was known as the "oldest working photographer in this country."[7]

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