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Developer(s)Two App Studio Pte. Ltd.
Written inJava (programming language)
Operating systemAndroid (operating system)
LicenseProprietary software

JotterPad is a text editor app for Android, developed by Two App Studio. It is proprietary software that uses the freemium pricing strategy.


Jotterpad supports the markdown and fountain markup languages.[1] Among its features are themes,[2] synchronisation with Google Drive and Dropbox,[3] dictionary and thesaurus,[1] and snapshots.[3]

JotterPad uses a freemium pricing model, which means that a restricted version of the app is offered for free, while access to additional functionality requires payment. About half of the features are available in the free version.[3] Whereas the synchronisation feature was originally limited to one account, in Jotterpad 12 the option to synchronise using multiple accounts was added as a monthly subscription service.[3]


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