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The Journalists Association of (Western) Samoa (JAWS) is a national media association for the Independent State of Samoa. JAWS is an independent body made up of local journalists working in the print, online, television and radio media. JAWS promotes the role of a free media in Samoan society, and protects the rights of journalists in Samoa. JAWS is a legally registered incorporated society with the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour. JAWS issues statements regularly in regard to freedom of the press in Samoa.

In 2008 the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) issued one statement in support of a complaint made by JAWS. The complaint was in regard to the censorship of the media by the office of the Ombudsman. IFJ issued a support statement calling for the lifting of the ban on the Samoan media. In 2009 in response to a statement by JAWS, the IFJ issued another statement supporting the organisation in discouraging the harassment of journalists at the Samoan courts.



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