Jovem Pan FM

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Jovem Pan FM
Type Radio network
Branding "Jovem Pan"
Country Brazil
Slogan A rádio número 1 do Brasil
Parent Grupo Jovem Pan
Launch date
April 29, 1975 (1975-04-29)
Former names
Jovem Pan 2 FM
Callsigns ZYD825
Webcast Listen Live
Official website

Jovem Pan is a large Brazilian FM radio station. The name is derived from the word jovem, which means "young", and Panamericana. The latter comes from the name of one of the earliest radio stations in Brazil, Rádio Panamericana, which began broadcasting from São Paulo on May 3, 1944 and was purchased in November of the same year by entrepreneur and sports executive Paulo Machado de Carvalho.


The idea to start an FM station began with Antonio Augusto Amaral de Carvalho Filho, (better known by his nickname, "Tutinha"), and began transmitting on July 1, 1976. The name "Jovem Pan", however, was coined in 1965 by Tutinha's father, Paulo.

Tutinha's ideas were new to Brazilian FM radio. These ideas included new approaches to the DJ's delivery and the scope of music programming. They quickly put Jovem Pan near the top of the ratings.[citation needed]

In July 1994, Jovem Pan started syndicating via satellite. The service (known as Jovem Pan Sat) was an immediate success and currently (2007) has over 50 affiliated stations.

Programs on Jovem Pan Sat[edit]

  • Hit Parade Brazil: Presented every Sunday from noon to 1:00. This show presents the top 20 songs as voted on by the listeners during the past week, the Top 5 current songs (with flashbacks to previous hits), the Top 5 American and European hits, the Top of the Billboard Charts and special promotions. Between 1996 and 2000, the program was sponsored by the Marcelo Café. Since 2001 the DJ has been Rome Jingles. In the Jovem Pan USA edition, the program is called "Hit Parade USA".
  • The Better 7: At random times, a block of seven hits will be played. This is followed by a contest called The Better 7 Winning Edition. Listeners who have registered for the contest are called by the DJ and asked to identify the names of the songs or the singers to win prizes. Occasionally, the listeners themselves are asked to call, with the first (or other randomly selected callers) eligible to compete. The feature is hosted by Telma Emerik and Sérgio Ígor.
  • Top 3: Hosted by Rome Jingles, three times a week from Monday to Saturday. Listeners are asked to select their three favorite songs. This decides which songs will be included in the weekly "Hit Parade".
  • Only The Best: Two hours of commercial-free music, with local promotions and prizes.
  • Maximum Sequence: As above, but only for one hour.
  • In the Ballad (Na Balad): Friday, at 9:00 PM, with contributions from the local DJs. On Saturday, the program is called Special In the Ballad, with DJs from the broadcast division of Jovem Pan, usually featuring DJ Pazinha.
  • Black Hits: A showcase of rap with national and international hip-hop, as well as R&B. It airs onSunday at 5:00 PM, Brasília time, with weekly editions (on Monday and Friday) before Top 3.
  • Rhythm of the Night: Very similar to In the Ballad, but with dance music added... hosted by local announcers, on Mondays.
  • Morning on Pan: Every morning, the local announcer presents news and music, with the Best of the Week.
  • Youth Connection Pan: A short, recurring feature that presents the latest celebrity gossip.
  • Pan News: A short, recurring feature that presents the top stories in Brazilian and world news.
  • Jurassic Pan: In two editions, one before and one after the program listed below. The show presents flashbacks to the greatest hits of the past.
  • Early Morning Newspaper on Pan: From 5:00 to 6:00 in the morning, the program is presented on both FM and AM. It is also transmitted in the USA as Good Morning América, featuring a summary of world news.
  • The Best Of the Week: A promotion on Sunday for Hit Parade Brazil, including spots encouraging the listeners to participate in the various prize giveaways to be offered later in the week, on the station and the website.
  • Panic: Outspoken humor featuring Sabrina Sato, Sílvio Santos and many others.
  • Worst Moments Of Panic: Presenting the best moments of Panic, every Saturday.
  • Planet DJ: A dance program featuring house, techno and other genres, every afternoon, following Panic, with a shorter version on Sunday before Only the Best.

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