Juan Coloma y Cardona, 1st Count of Elda

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Juan Coloma y Cardona, 1st Count of Elda, (circa 1522 – Elda, province of Alicante, Spain, 19 October 1586), 3rd Sieur of Elda, Governor of Alicante Castle, Count of Elda, Viceroy of Sardinia, 1570-1577.

He was the son of Joan Francesc Coloma, 2nd Sieur of Elda and grandson of Mosen Joan Coloma, 1st Sieur of Elda.
He married three times, his third wife was Isabel de Saa’ and they had 7 sons and 7 daughters.

  • Antonio Coloma y Saa, 2nd Count of Elda (died 12 August 1619) was also Viceroy of Sardinia, 1595-1603.
  • Alonso Coloma, Bishop.
  • Carlos Coloma (1567-1637), military and historian.

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