Juan Ponce de León II

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Juan Ponce de León II
Juan Ponce de Leon II.JPG
The first Puerto Rican to become acting Governor of Puerto Rico
Coat of arms of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (variant).svg
Acting Governor of Puerto Rico
In office
Preceded by Francisco De Obando Y Mexia
Succeeded by Jerónimo De Agüero Campuzano
Personal details
Born 1524
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Died 1591
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Nationality Puerto Rican
Spouse(s) Doña Isabel de Loayza
Relations Juan Ponce de León (grandfather)

Juan Ponce de León y Loayza and Luis Ponce de León y Loayza (sons)
Isabel and Maria (daughters)

Religion Roman Catholic

Juan Ponce de León II (1524 - 1591),[1] was the first Puerto Rican to become acting governor of Puerto Rico.

Early years[edit]

Ponce de León II,(birth name: Juan Troche Ponce de León [note 1]), was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to Juan Garcia "Gracia" Troche and Juana Ponce de León. The Spanish Conquistador Juan Ponce de León was Juana's father and, consequently, Ponce de León II's maternal grandfather.

Settlement in Trinidad[edit]

Ponce de León II was sent by the Spanish Crown to establish a settlement on the island of Trinidad in 1569. He founded the "town of the Circumcision", probably around modern Laventille. In 1570, this settlement was abandoned, possibly because of the raids by the Caribs which resulted in the death of de Leon's son. According to some historians, Ponce de León II may have been an on and off governor of the island from 1571 to 1591.[2]

The first Puerto Rican acting governor of Puerto Rico[edit]

In 1579, the Spanish Crown named Jerónimo De Agüero Campuzano governor of Puerto Rico. He was to replace the then governor Francisco De Obando Y Mexia. During the time that it took Jerónimo De Agüero Campuzano to travel from Spain to Puerto Rico, Ponce de León II was appointed acting governor. He thus became the first Puerto Rican to be appointed as acting governor of Puerto Rico.[3]

Written work "Melgarejo's Memoirs"[edit]

In 1581, at the request of King Phillip II of Spain, Juan Lopez Melgarejo, who served as governor of Puerto Rico from 1581 to 1582, asked Juan Ponce de León II to write a general description of the West Indies with emphasis on the part corresponding to Puerto Rico. He did this with the collaboration of his fellow Puerto Rican Antonio de Santa Clara. Ponce de León II's written work Memorias de Melgarejo (Melgarejo's Memoirs) is one of Puerto Rico's most important historical documents. In 1581, Ponce de León II was able to establish the exact geographical coordinates of San Juan by observing an eclipse.[4]

Later years[edit]

San José Church

Later in life, after he became a widower, Ponce de León II embraced and lived a religious life. He took it upon himself to transfer the body of his grandfather, Juan Ponce de León, from Cuba to Puerto Rico and had it interred at the San José Church in San Juan. The remains were moved once again in 1913, when they were placed in the Cathedral of San Juan.

Juan Ponce de León II's remains are in the San José Church, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has honored his memory by naming a high school in the town of Florida, Puerto Rico after him.


  1. ^
    This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Troche and the second or maternal family name is Ponce de León.

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Preceded by
Francisco de Obando y Mexia
Governor of Puerto Rico
Succeeded by
Jerónimo de Agüero Campuzano