Juan de Bermúdez

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Juan Bermúdez
Born Juan Bermúdez
Palos de la Frontera, Province of Huelva, Crown of Castile
Died 1570
Nationality Castilian
Occupation Navigator

Juan de Bermúdez (/bɜːrˈmjuːdɛz/; Spanish pronunciation: [berˈmuðeθ]; d. 1570) was a Spanish navigator of the 16th century. In 1505, while sailing back to Spain from a provisioning voyage to Hispaniola in the ship La Garça (or Garza), he discovered Bermuda, which was later named after him.[1] Legatio Babylonica, published in 1511 by Peter Martyr d'Anghiera, lists "La Bermuda" among the Atlantic islands. In 1515 he returned to Bermuda, landing a dozen pigs and sows for any unlucky mariners who might later be castaway there.[1] Bermúdez was born in Palos ca. 1449, and this is based on his own testimony as he was about 65 years old in 1515 when declaring in the hearings between the Spanish Crown and the Columbus family.[citation needed]


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