Juanita (song)

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Sheet music cover (1855)
Published 1855
Composer(s) T. G. May
Lyricist(s) Caroline Norton

"Juanita" ("Nita Juanita") is a love song variously subtitled "A Spanish Ballad", "A Song of Spain", and others. "Juanita" was first published in 1855, attributed to Mrs. Norton (i.e. noted society figure and social reformer Caroline Norton), with music arranged by T. G. May.

The opening four-bar phrase of the song is taken from Handel's aria Lascia ch'io pianga from the opera Rinaldo, although the subsequent melody differs from that of the aria. The name of the song is derived from the refrains:

Nita! Juanita! Ask thy soul if we should part!
Nita! Juanita! Lean thou on my heart.[1]

Nita! Juanita! Let me linger by thy side!
Nita! Juanita! Be my own fair bride![1]

"Juanita" appears in numerous songbooks and has been recorded many times.


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