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Location of district in Amman
Location of district in Amman
Coordinates: 31°48′56″N 36°5′39″E / 31.81556°N 36.09417°E / 31.81556; 36.09417Coordinates: 31°48′56″N 36°5′39″E / 31.81556°N 36.09417°E / 31.81556; 36.09417
Country Flag of Jordan.svg Jordan
Governorate Amman Governorate
Time zone UTC + 2

Jubaiha (al-jubaiha:الجبيهة ) is district number 18 out of 27. Located in western Amman, Jordan. It is divided into seven neighborhoods, Al-Jam'a, Al-Rasheed , Qutneh, Al-Sadeeq, Al-Zaytooneh, and Al-Baladiya.


Jubaiha is home to several educational facilities including the University of Jordan and the Royal Scientific Society which is home to the German-Jordanian University and Princess Sumaya University for Technology, It is also home to the Ministry of high education.

Lifestyle and Entertainment[edit]

The district of Jubeiha also includes a very lively pedestrian area opposite to the University of Jordan's North Gate. Main attraction include; Siveen Restaurant, Candles Restaurant (recently out of commission), Shahrazad Nights Cafe as well as the University Mall.

Jordanians tend to flock to Al-Jubeiha to enjoy its noticeably cooler weather during the summer. Visitors to the district commonly park on the side of "Abu Nsair Road" overlooking the city of "Baq'aa". By doing so, visitors enjoy hot and cold beverages and smoke water-pipes (commonly known as Argeeleh/Shisha) and enjoy the view of the city particularly at sunset. Moreover, the Jubeiha Amusement City stands as a landmark that distinguishes the district above all others as it is largest amusement park in the country.


Though located in the northern outskirts of Amman, the opening of major roads and highways such as the famous Jordan Highway Ring-Road (described by many locals as the new transportation artery of Jordan) provided easy access to neighboring districts throughout the capital Amman.


The pleasant weather along with the presence of multiple prestigious educational institutions attracts foreign residents (particualarly) from Persian Gulf countries (such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc.) Though the city and its residents are very welcoming to visitors local and foreign, it appears that some foreign visitors tend to be rather careless in their actions by promoting prostitution and disturbing the peace. So much has been the influence of these ill-behaved foreigners that one of the major streets in Jubeiha has been commonly called "Tallaini Street" meaning "the pick me up street".

Consequently, residents of Jubeiha have initiated an uprising against the seemingly high levels of prostitution.


32°1'59"N 35°51'45"E Jubaiha, Amman.