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The Royal Scientific Society
FounderHRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal
Al-Jubaiha, Amman
Key people
HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal, Chairman
HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan , President
RevenueNot For Profit
Number of employees

The Royal Scientific Society is a Jordanian applied research institution, consultation and technical service provider. With more than 600 staff members it is the largest such institution in the country.

Main Aims[edit]

  • To support the development process in Jordan through R&D to strengthen the role of SMEs in Jordan’s economy.
  • To promote itself as a reference technical institution in Jordan and the region.
  • To expand its role as a certification body for both skilled manpower and industrial products.
  • To strengthen co-operation with similar institutions to promote mutual interests.
  • To develop human resources.
  • To encourage and support the start-up, incubation and development of innovation-led knowledge-based businesses.

Technical Centres[edit]

  • Building Research Centre.
  • Electronic Services & Training Centre.
  • Environmental Research Centre.
  • Information Technology Centre.
  • Mechanical Design & Technology Centre.
  • Industrial Chemistry Centre.
  • Quality Assurance Department.

There are also three supporting departments: Administrative, Financial, and Marketing and Public Relations.

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