Jubilee Theatre

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Jubilee Theatre
Address St Nicholas Hospital, Gosforth
Newcastle upon Tyne
Coordinates 55°00′22″N 1°38′02″W / 55.006°N 1.634°W / 55.006; -1.634
Current use Theatre and meetings
Opened 30 May 1900

The Jubilee Theatre, is a grade II listed building[1] theatre. It opened in 1899 in St Nicholas Hospital, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, England.


The theatre was opened on 30 May 1900 Victorian with a beautiful proscenium arch of Doulton tiles by W.J. Neatby, depicting two pre-Raphaelite figures[2] which face east and west, as the theatre faces true north and south. It was built for staff and patients of the Hospital.

Originally, the theatre had a sprung dance floor made from maple and a full sized orchestra pit, and was used for both shows and dances. The orchestra pit is currently not in use, but could be if part of the front of the stage was removed, as the stage was recently extended covering the orchestra pit.

So that films could be shown in the theatre a projection room was added to the back of the building in 1920 housing at least two movie projectors. They remain, but are not in use, currently sealed off. Together with the projection room there was a cinema screen which could be lowered in front of the proscenium.

Two doors lead into the theatre from the main corridor. The male and female patients at the hospital were constantly separated; men would enter using the door on the left, and women the right door. Rules dictated that men stayed on the left of the auditorium and women on the right, and were only allowed together for dancing. On the men's side there is a door out to a corridor which was previously used as the 'Gentlemen's Smoking Promenade' and is now used as a fire corridor.[3]

Current usage[edit]

Currently the theatre is primarily used by two groups: Juniper Productions a drama group for sufferers of mental health difficulties, which was founded in 1998 and First Act Theatre, a youth theatre company who have operated from the theatre since 1992.

On 29 October 2008 the Board of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust approved a proposal which, when implemented, will allow the theatre to continue to be used for community purposes. The arrangement means that the Trust now also uses the theatre as a medical education venue during certain working hours, leaving the theatre available for theatrical activities at all other times.

Notable actors[edit]

The Jubilee Theatre has been a stage to a number of actors during their early career, including:[4]


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