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Jud may refer to:

  • Jud, a surname:
  • Jud, a nickname:
    • Jud Buechler (born 1968), American professional basketball player
    • Jud Heathcote (1927–2017), American college basketball coach
    • Jud Hurd (1913–2005), American cartoonist
    • Jud Larson (1923–1966), American racecar driver
    • Jud Logan (born 1959), American athlete
    • Jud Strunk (1936–1981), American singer, songwriter, and comedian
    • Jud Taylor (1940–2008), American actor, television director and television producer
    • Jud Wilson (1894–1963), American professional baseball player
  • "Pore Jud Is Daid", a song from the musical Oklahoma!
  • yud or yod (Hebrew: יוֹד or יוּד‎), a name of the Hebrew letter י


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