Judah ben Samuel ha-Kohen Cantarini

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Judah (Leon) ben Samuel (Simon) ha-Kohen Cantarini (ca. 1650, Padua – 28 April 1694, Padua) was an Italian physician and rabbi. He had a large practise among the Christian as well as the Jewish population of that city, visiting the poorer of his patients four times a day without charge. He taught the Talmud, in which he was very learned. He also officiated as preacher. A letter of his is extant, addressed to Jacob Lebet-Levi, and dealing with a legal quarrel in which Cantarini was involved. This letter, which testifies to his thorough knowledge of the Talmud, is written in a very pure and classical Hebrew. At Cantarini's death his nephew, Isaac Chayyim Cantarini, wrote his obituary.