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The 1986 Jugosloveni lineup
Background information
Origin Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia
Genres Rock, pop rock, folk rock
Years active 1986 – 1989
2013 - present
Labels Diskoton, Komuna Belgrade, PGP-RTB, PGP-RTS
Associated acts Magično Oko
Members Zoran Paunović
Goran Vranić
Dejan Maksimović
Predrag Gostović
Past members Nenad Maričić
Dragan Latinčić
Goran Milanović

Jugosloveni (Serbian Cyrillic: Југословени; trans. Yugoslavs) were a former Yugoslav rock band, best known for their hit "Jugosloveni".

Band history[edit]

1986 - 1989[edit]

The band was formed in 1986 by the vocalist Zoran Paunović (a former Magično Oko member). Jugosloveni released their debut album Došlo mi je da se napijem (I Feel like Getting Drunk) in 1986, in the following lineup: Zoran Paunović (vocals), Nenad Maričić (guitar), Dragan Latinčić (bass guitar) and Goran Milanović (drums). The album also featured Kornelije Kovač on keyboards and Vlada Negovanović on guitar. The songs were classic rock-oriented while lyrics featured slang and were social-related. The album featured the band's biggest hit, "Jugosloveni". For the recording of the second Jugosloveni album the band's frontman Paunović fired the complete lineup. He recorded Vruće osvežavajuće (Hot Refreshment) with studio musicians: Vlada Negovanović (guitar), Dragoljub Đuričić (drums), Ted Jani (guitar), Zoran Radomirović (bass guitar) and Saša Lokner (keyboards). The third album, Krici i šaputanja (Screams and Whispers) was recorded in the new lineup, but once again in cooperation with studio musicians. After the album was released Jugosloveni officially disbanded.

2006 - present[edit]

In 2006, Zoran Paunović rerecorded the band's old songs in a pop folk manner, releasing them under Jugosloveni moniker on the album Igralište (Playground).[1] However, the band did not officially reunite until 2013, when they released the album Tvoje ime je ljubav (Your Name Is Love).[2] The new lineup featured, besides Paunović, Goran Vranić (guitar), Dejan Maksimović (drums) and Predrag Gostović (bass guitar).[2]


Studio albums[edit]

  • Došlo mi je da se napijem (1986)
  • Vruće osvežavajuće (1987)
  • Krici i šaputanja (1988)
  • Igralište (2006)
  • Tvoje ime je ljubav (2013)


  • Došlo mi je da se napijem (1997)


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