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Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto at a gig with Charon at Art Rock Cafe, Kauhajoki, Finland in 27 April 2009

Juha-Pekka "JP" Leppäluoto (born 15 November 1974 in Raahe, Finland) is a Finnish musician. He was in the band Charon until the summer of 2011 as a vocalist and songwriter and currently he is in the band Harmaja as a vocalist, guitar player and songwriter and also in the band Northern Kings as a vocalist.[1] He also provided vocals for the first release from the band Poisonblack, which featured members from several other Finnish rock bands. He is the singer from the band Dark Sarah, since 2017.


With Charon:

  • Sorrowburn (1998)
  • Tearstained (2000)
  • Downhearted (2002)
  • The Dying Daylights (2003)
  • Songs for the Sinners (2005)

With Northern Kings:

  • Reborn (2007)
  • Rethroned (2008)

With Harmaja:

  • Harmaja EP (2007)
  • Harmaja (2009)
  • Lento (2010)
  • Marras (2012)

With Poisonblack:

As special guest:

With Dark Sarah:

  • The Golden Moth (2018)


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