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Jukka (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈjukːa]) is a common Finnish given name for males.


Jukka is an old variant of the name Johannes, a biblical name spread over to Finland through Sweden with the introduction of Christianity. Jukka remained a nickname for people registered by authorities as Johan, Johannes, Juho etc., and did not appear in official records until the late 19th century.[1] The name was added to the official list of first names in the Finnish almanac managed by the Almanac Office at the University of Helsinki in 1950, and its name day is June 24, also the name day of Johannes and other variants, and the traditional midsummer day, or Juhannus.


The name Jukka enjoyed the highest popularity in the years 1960–1979, though it was much used during the previous two decades as well. The 1980s and 1990s saw a marked decline in the name's popularity, and in recent years not many children have been named Jukka.[2]

As surname[edit]

Jukka is also a Finnish surname of Karelian origin, derived from the forename and, as of 5 February 2007, held by 201 Finnish citizens.[1][2]

Notable Jukkas[edit]

A list of notable holders of the name Jukka:

Fictional Jukkas[edit]

  • Jörö-Jukka, Finnish name of the German Struwwelpeter character
  • Unijukka, a Finnish name of the Sandman
  • Jukka Sarasti, a vampire in the novel Blindsight

Other uses[edit]

  • jukkapalmu, Finnish name of the common houseplant Yucca elephantipes
  • tiskijukka, Finnish word for disc jockey with a nonsensical literal meaning, much less frequently used than DJ or deejii, or deejay by the English pronunciation