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Jules Monchanin

Father Jules Monchanin (who chose to call himself Swami Paramarubyananda), (April 10, 1895 in Fleurie, Rhône - October 10, 1957 in Paris) was a French Catholic priest, monk and hermit. He was an ardent proponent of Hindu-Christian interfaith dialogue. He is known for the being one of the "Trinity from Tannirpalli" along with Le Saux, and Griffiths[1] who were the co-founders of Saccidananda Ashram (also called Shantivanam), an ashram founded in the village of Tannirpalli in Tamil Nadu in 1938.[2]

Monchanin received Final Sacrament in 1932 but survived. On the same day, he received a letter from Father Kalathil inviting him to come to India.[3]

Partial works[edit]

  • De l'esthétique à la Mystique (From aesthetics to the Mystic), 1955
  • Ecrits spirituels (Spiritual Writings), 1965
  • Lettres à sa mère, 1913 - 1957 (Letters to my mother, 1913 - 1957). Présentation F. Jacquin. Paris, Le Cerf, 1989.
  • Mystique de l'Inde, mystère chrétien : écrits et inédits (Mystique of India, mystery Christian writings and unpublished), Paris: Fayard, 1974. Fata Morgana, 1999.
  • Lettres au Père Le Saux (1947-1957) de J. Monchanin. (Letters to Father Le Saux (1947-1957)). Présentation F. Jacquin. Paris, Cerf, 1995.
  • Théologie et spiritualité missionnaires (Theology and Spirituality missionaries)[4] Présentation E. Duperray et J. Gadille. Paris, Beauchesne, 1985.
  • Ermites du saccidânanda: Un essai d’intégration chrétienne de la tradition monastique de l’Inde. Paris, Casterman, 1956. 204 pp. [JC, NO]
  • Swami Parama Arubianandam (Fr. Monchanin): A Memorial. Tiruchirapalli: Saccidananda Ashram, 1959. 224 pp.
  • Swami Parama Arubianandam (Fr. Monchanin). French tr. of above. Paris: Casterman, 1960. 198 pp.
  • Une amitié sacerdotale : Jules Monchanin-Edouard Duperray (1919-1990). Correspondance présentée par Françoise Jacquin. Lessius, 2003.

Secondary sources[edit]

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Further reading[edit]

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