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Julia de Asensi (1859–1921) was a Spanish journalist, translator and writer.

Selected works[edit]

Stories for adults[edit]

  • The winter evergreen and other narratives. Barcelona: Vincent F. Perelló.
  • Love and cassock. Madrid: Alonso Gullón, 1878.
  • Three girlfriends. Madrid: Universal Library, 1880.
  • Legends and traditions in prose and verse. Madrid: Universal Library, 1883.
  • Novellas. Madrid: Universal Library, 1889.
  • Man to Man. Madrid: A. Alonso, 1892.

Short stories for children[edit]

  • Arabal Santiago. Story of a poor child. Madrid: Sons of MG Hernández, 1894.
  • Auras fall. Stories for children. Barcelona: Antonio J. Bastinos, 1897.
  • Spring breezes. Stories for children. Barcelona: Antonio J. Bastinos, 1897.
  • Cocos and fairies. Stories for children. Barcelona: Bastinos, 1899.
  • Rosa Library. Barcelona: Bastinos, 1901.
  • Victoria and other stories. Boston: DC Heath and Company, 1905.
  • Stations. Stories for children. Barcelona: Antonio J. Bastinos, 1907.
  • Levante mills and other narratives. Barcelona: Perelló and Verges, 1915.


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  • Isabel Díez Ménguez, Julia de Asensi (1849-1921) Madrid: Ediciones del Orto, 2006.

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