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The Julian Youth Academy (JYA) was a fully accredited, private Christian boarding school located in the mountains of San Diego, California. JYA was a program of Teen Rescue, Inc., a nationwide support service that has helped over 15,000 families since 1989. An all-girls boarding school, JYA helped teen girls in need of regular supervision. JYA provided an individualized education program, coaching, intervention, parent-training support groups, a high staff-to-student ratio, and aftercare support.


The campus burned in 2003.[1] The owners tried to rebuild, but faced legal battles with San Diego County.[2]

As regards an October 2007 hearing conducted by the United States Government Accountability Office, the school was mentioned among the statement presented before the hearing panel.[3][4]

In 2011 a mummified baby was found on one of the campuses. It belonged to a staff member, who told the police that she hadn't fed the baby when it was born.[5][6]

Julian Youth Academy now operates under River View Christian Academy


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