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This article is about the Austrian company. For other uses, see Blum (disambiguation).
Julius Blum GmbH
Industry Metalworking
Founded 1952
Founder Julius Blum
Headquarters Höchst
Key people
Gerhard E. Blum (General Manager)
Products Furniture fittings
Revenue 1,555.7 million euros (2014/2015)[1]
Number of employees
6,608 (06/2015)[1]
Website http://www.blum.com

Julius Blum GmbH (commonly referred to as "Blum") is an international company that produces hinge-, lift- and runner-systems and the appropriate assembly tools for the cabinet making and furniture industry.[2][3]


Blum is an international manufacturer of furniture fittings.[4] It is a family-owned company based in Höchst, a municipality in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg.[5] Production facilities are mainly located in Austria, but the company also has production plants in the United States, in Poland and in Brazil.[6] Blum supplies furniture manufacturers and hardware distributors in more than 120 countries worldwide.[2]

The company has 6,608 employees, as of June 30, 2015.[7] 97 percent of its products are exported, and its annual turnover is 1,555.7 million euros in 2014/2015.[7]


Julius Blum was founded in 1952 by the Blum family, headquartered in the village of Höchst from the outset.[8]

Gerhard Blum, son of the founder, joined the board of an existing company in North Carolina, USA, and in 1992 a fully automated Blum factory was launched in the United States.[8]


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