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Jump 'N the Saddle Band was a country pop group from Chicago, Illinois. They scored a regional hit with the novelty song "The Curly Shuffle" in 1983, a tribute to The Three Stooges. As the tune gained popularity on radio, the group signed to Atlantic Records and released a self-titled album, composed mostly of covers, in 1984. "The Curly Shuffle" became a major U.S. hit, peaking at No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 that year.

The band entered into negotiations with Atlantic for a follow-up album in 1984. The label wanted them to record the song "Shaving Cream" for their next single, which the band did not favor; they recorded the song, but with added lyrics critical of the label, and were soon dropped.[1]

Their success was short lived, and the group never had nationwide exposure again. The band continued to play in the Chicago area, still doing shows into the 2000s.[2]


  • Peter Quinn - Original member and founder vocals, harmonica (later of Skip Towne & the Greyhounds)
  • T. C. Furlong - Original member and founder - pedal steel guitar
  • Barney Schwartz — guitar and vocals
  • David Roberts - Original member and founder - keyboards and vocals on The Curly Shuffle
  • Tom Trinka - saxophone
  • Rick Gourley - bass guitar
  • Vincent Dee - (drums)
  • Anne Schwartz - Original member and founder - bass and vocals on The Curly Shuffle.