Junction Canal

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Junction Canal
A network of east-west canals and connecting railroads spanned Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. North-south canals connecting with this east-west canal ran between West Virginia and Lake Erie on the west, Maryland and New York in the center, and along the border with Delaware and New Jersey on the east. Many shorter canals connected cities such as York, Port Carbon, and Franklin to the larger network.
Map of historic Pennsylvania canals and connecting railroads
StatusAbandoned except for historic interest
Original ownerJunction Canal Company
Construction began1853
Date of first use1854
Date completed1858
Date closed1871
Start pointElmira, New York
End pointAthens, Pennsylvania
Connects toChemung Canal, Pennsylvania Canal (North Branch Division)

The Junction Canal was a canal in the states of New York and Pennsylvania in the United States. The canal was also called the Arnot Canal, after the name of its principal stockholder, John Arnot of Elmira, New York. The canal was built and operated by a private stock company. The canal was partly open in 1854, but the entire length was not finished until 1858. The completed canal was 18 miles (29 km) long and had 11 locks. Then intent was to lengthen the reach of the Chemung Canal deeper into Pennsylvania in order to connect to the canal systems there. Competition with railroads led to diminished use of the canal. In 1865 the canal was severely damaged by a flood. In 1866, the stock company was authorized to change its name to the "Junction Canal and Railroad Company," and work commenced in constructing a railroad on its right of way. The canal was last used in 1871, and was then abandoned.[1]

Points of interest[edit]

Feature Coordinates Description
Elmira, New York 42°05′23″N 76°48′28″W / 42.08972°N 76.80778°W / 42.08972; -76.80778 (Elmira, New York)Coordinates: 42°05′23″N 76°48′28″W / 42.08972°N 76.80778°W / 42.08972; -76.80778 (Elmira, New York)[2] City at the northern terminus
Athens, Pennsylvania 41°57′26″N 76°31′05″W / 41.95722°N 76.51806°W / 41.95722; -76.51806 (Athens, Pennsylvania)[3] Borough near the southern terminus

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