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June Margaret Middleton (4 May 1926 – 30 October 2009) was an Australian polio victim who spent more than 60 years living in an iron lung for treatment of the disease.[1] In 2006, Guinness World Records recognised her as the person who had spent the longest amount of time living in an iron lung.[1]

Middleton was born in Melbourne on 4 May 1926, the only daughter of Robert and Lucy Middleton. She contracted polio when she was 22,[1] just months before her planned wedding.[2] She entered the iron lung on 5 April 1949, and remained dependent on the machine for the rest of her life.[1] Middleton spent up to 21 hours a day in the iron lung to help her breathe.[3] Her husband-to-be stayed with her for five years before eventually marrying another woman and starting a family.[4]

Middleton lived at Fairfield Hospital in Melbourne for more than 40 years.[2] She was then transferred to Austin Hospital before moving to her own home in Thornbury, which was managed by the Yooralla Ventilator Accommodation Support Service.

A campaigner for the rights of people confined to ventilators,[2] Middleton was also a fan of the Carlton Football Club.[2]

On 5 April 2009, Middleton marked her 60th year in the iron lung[1] with friends and her dog Angel at her side.

She died in Thornbury on 29 October 2009, aged 83.


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