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Juniperus Capital Limited
Industry Hedge fund (collateralised catastrophe reinsurance and insurance-linked securities)
Founded 2008
Headquarters Bermuda
Key people
  • Philip A. Lotz (CEO & Chairman)
  • Stephen A. Velotti (Chief Underwriting Officer)

Juniperus Capital Limited (Juniperus Capital or JCL) is a Bermuda-based hedge fund. It was incorporated in Bermuda on April 11, 2008.[1][2][3] The investment management company became operational in May 2008.[4][5][6]


Juniperus Capital is managed by CEO and Chairman Philip A. Lotz (who was formerly the CEO of Swiss Re Capital Management and Advisory) and Chief Underwriting Officer Stephen A. Velotti.[7][8][9]


Juniperus Capital manages Juniperus Insurance Opportunity Fund. The fund focuses on the collateralised catastrophe reinsurance and insurance-linked securities markets.[4][10][11] Substantial investors in the fund include New York-based reinsurance and risk intermediary Benfield Group Ltd., Tokyo-based Itochu Corporation, Transatlantic Reinsurance Co., and Juniperus Capital management.[4][12][13]

Forbes and The Telegraph reported in 2008 that Benfield Group announced it had made a $50 million (£25.3m) cash investment in Juniperus Insurance Opportunity Fund.[12][14][15] The investment was reportedly made through Benfield Advisory, the group's corporate finance section.[4]

The company is named after the Juniperus bermudiana, cedar trees found only in Bermuda that are extremely hardy in the face of hurricanes and other adverse conditions.[16]


Benfield holds a significant ownership position in Juniperus Capital, having purchased $6.6 million of the shares of the company.[4][12][17] Benfield also committed to provide up to $2 million in working capital to Juniperus Capital.[12][17]

In December 2009, Itochu Corporation made a JPY 5 billion equity investment in Juniperus Capital.[13][18][19]


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