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Junius Podrug is an American author and attorney. He was a defense attorney on the Chippendales dancers federal murder and wrongful death legal cases. His fiction and nonfiction books have been published under his own and four other names. His works have been published in twenty-eight countries. His first novel, Frost of Heaven, was selected as Best First Novel by the Rocky Mountain News Unreal World book awards.

Junius Podrug is a suspense, thriller, mystery author. His books, set in exotic locales, involve ordinary people who find themselves caught up in a web of mystery and danger. His characters must reach into themselves and find the courage and ability to overcome a deck stacked against them.[1]


  • Frost of Heaven (1992, 1998)
  • Presumed Guilty (1997, also published as Winterkill)
  • Dark Passage (2002)
  • Feathered Serpent 2012 (2010)

With Harold Robbins[edit]

  • Sin City (2002, uncredited)
  • Heat of Passion (2003, uncredited)
  • The Betrayers (2004)
  • Blood Royal (2005)
  • The Devil to Pay (2006)
  • The Looters (2007)
  • The Deceivers (2008)
  • The Shroud (2009)
  • The Curse (2011)

With Gary Jennings[edit]


  • Stop Being a Victim
  • The Disaster Survival Bible


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