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Ian Simmonds
Ian simmonds 2009.jpg
Ian Simmonds 2009
Background information
Birth name Ian Simmonds
Also known as Juryman
Born 1966
Genres Electronica, Jazz, Nu Jazz, Downtempo, House
Occupation(s) Disc jockey
music producer
Years active 1987 – present
Labels Musik Krause
Associated acts Wise in Time
Website www.ian-simmonds.com

Ian Simmonds, Juryman (born 1966), is a Welsh-born electronica and jazz musician whose music oscillates between more acoustic works of nu jazz or downtempo and heavily produced electronica, as Juryman the sound is interwoven with hip hop textures. Ian Simmonds is certainly one of a few talents "to successfully breach the chasm that keeps DJ culture from more tangible, organic realms."[1] His complex musical landscapes are often accompanied by his deep calm voice, making poetic, political and social statements at the same time. He is a self-taught musician, singing and playing trumpet, bass guitar, piano and is a producer with numerous releases, contributions and co-productions.



Ian spent part of his childhood following his trumpet-playing dad around the world. When he turned 18, he moved to London and formed a collective called Sandals with three other friends. This collective came together in the late 1980s to start a club in London Soho called "Violets", a response to the emerging acid house scene and early rave culture. Events in several other clubs followed. In the onset of the 1990s the "Sandals" were formed in that humus and became a little success, suddenly publishing for London Records. Ian Simmonds started publishing his own deep, vibrant music in 1995 first under his pseudonym Juryman, later on under his real name Ian Simmonds.


In the mid-1990s, Ian Simmonds began recording a series of EPs. In addition he produced his own tracks for the then totally unknown Leftfield and Pressure Drop, which were to influence his later productions. During these recordings he met musician Luke Gordon aka Spacer. 1997 SSR published a collaboration LP Juryman vs Spacer: Mailorder Justice His solo debut LP published in 1999 by !K7 Ian Simmonds: Last States of Nature was well perceived and consolidated his reputation as an innovative producer. It was soon followed by the LP Juryman: The Hill, published in 2000 by SSR Records. 2001 Ian Simmonds: Return to X released at !K7; another Juryman LP got released in 2002 Escape to Where.

Since the midst of the 1990s, he worked with several other artists Leftfield, Goldfrapp, pressure drop on various collaborations, remixes, accompanied by appearances on dozens of compilations. He also contributed the music to Adam Smiths Channel 4 documentary A.I.P.S.

In 2005 Ian moved to Germany to work with local musicians on his Jazz project Wise in Time, since then he publishes as Ian Simmonds for "Musik Krause" a sublabel of "Freude am Tanzen", where five EPs got released and his recent LP Ian Simmonds: Burgenland Dubs.



The Sandals[edit]

  • Rite to Silence (Acid Jazz), 1994
  • Yesterdays Tomorrow (Rudiment Records, Japan), 2009


  • Juryman vs Spacer: Mailorder Justice (SSR Records), 2000
  • The Hill (SSR Records), 2000
  • Escape to Where (SSR Records), 2002

Ian Simmonds[edit]

  • Last States of Nature (!K7), 1999
  • Return to X (!K7), 2000
  • Burgenland Dubs (Musik Krause), 2009
  • The Right Side of Kind (Goldmin Music), 2015

Wise in Time[edit]

  • The Ballad of Den the Men (Crammed Discs), 2006
  • Know The Words? (All That's Left), 2009

Singles and EPs[edit]


  • A Profound Gas, Maxi (Acid Jazz), 1992
  • We wanna live, Maxi (Open Toe Records), 1992
  • Cracked EP, EP (Open Toe Records), 1994
  • Feet, Maxi (Open Toe Records), 1994
  • Nothing, Maxi (FFRR), 1998


  • One, 12" (Orange Egg Records), 1995
  • Two, 12" (All That's Left), 1995
  • 3, 12" (Ntone), 1997
  • 4, 12" (SSR Records), 1997
  • Remixes from The Hill, 12" (SSR Records), 2001
  • Overstretchin, Maxi, (SSR Records), 2002

Ian Simmonds[edit]

  • Hidden Witness EP, 12" (!K7), 1999
  • Man with no Thumbs, 12" (!K7), 1999
  • Return to X (The Spacer & Slop Shop Remixes), 10" (!K7), 2001
  • Swinging Millie EP, 12" (!K7), 2001
  • International Songs, 12" (Musik Krause), 2005
  • Standing Man EP, 12" (Musik Krause), 2006
  • The Wendelstein Variantions EP, EP" (Musik Krause), 2008
  • The Woodhouse EP, 12" (Musik Krause), 2008

Wise in Time[edit]

  • Slowfall, 10" (Electric Tones), 2001




  • "Barbara Gogan – Made on Earth (Remixes)" Dangerous (Juryman Mix), SSR Records, 1997
  • "Statik Sound System – Remix Selection" Free to Choose (Juryman Mix), Cup of Tea Records, 1997
  • "Suba – Felicidade Remixes" Felicidade (Juryman's Ocean Hill Rework, Crammed Discs, 2000
  • "So Blue It's Black" So Blue It's Black (Juryman Mix), Blue (Island), 2000
  • "Clubber's Guide to Breaks" So Blue It's Black (Juryman Mix), Ministry of Sound, 2002
  • "Suba – Tributo" Felicidade (Juryman Mix), Crammed Discs, 2002
  • "The Underwolves – Under Your Sky (Remixes)" So Blue It's Black (Juryman Mix), Jazzanova Compost Records, 2002
  • "Crammed Global Soundclash 1980–89 The Connoisseur Edition" Aksak Maboul's Saure Gurke (Juryman Mix), Crammed Discs, 2003
  • Electrix Gypsyland Juryman reconstruction of Taraf de Haidouks Cind Eram La'48, Crammed Discs, 2004

Ian Simmonds[edit]

  • "Silent Poets – Drawing" The Children of the Future (Turnpike Blues Mix) (Ian Simmonds Remix), Toys Factory, 1995
  • "Sofa Surfers – Constructions: Sofa Surfers Remixed And Dubbed" If It Were Not For You (Ian Simmonds Remix), Klein Records, 1995
  • "A Guy Called Gerald – Humanity" Humanity (Ian Simmonds Remix), !K7, 2000
  • "Polar – Mind Of A Killer" Mind Of A Killer (Ian Simmonds Mix), Certificate 18, 2000
  • "Peace Orchestra – Shining Repolished Versions" Shining (Ian Simmonds Rework), G-Stone Recordings, 2000
  • "Beanfield – The Season / Catalpa" Catalpa (Ian Simmonds Rework), Compost Records, 2000
  • "Various: Inside 03" Slop Shop – Gone (Ian Simmonds Rework), Poets CLub Records, 2001
  • "Beth Hirsch – Nest Sensation" Nest Sensation (Full Vox Repo), !K7, 2001
  • "Various: Electronic Resistance" Peace Orchestra – Shining (Ian Simmonds Rework), Poets CLub Records, 2001

Tracks on compilations, soundtracks and miscellaneous releases[edit]

  • "Juryman – Know Kname" on The Cream Of Trip Hop (Issue 1) Arctic Records, 1995
  • "Juryman – If The Law Suits" on Beats By Dope Demand Three Kickin Records, 1996
  • "Juryman vs Spacer – R.S.I" on Freezone 4 – Dangerous Lullabies, SSR Records, 1997
  • "Juryman vs Spacer – R.S.I" on Pressure Drop & Tipper – Creative Trip Hop, Sound and Media Ltd., 1997
  • "Juryman – Bineric Blues" on Naturally Stoned – The Very Best Of Blunted Beats Vol. 1, Millennium Records, 1997
  • "Juryman – Playground" on The Future Sound Of Jazz Vol. 4 Compost Records, 1997
  • "Juryman – The Ghost Hunter" on Codachromes Chapter Two, Distance, 2000
  • "Juryman – The Morning" on New Voices Vol. 37, Rolling Stone, 2000
  • "Juryman – The Woven" on Trax Sampler 028, Trax Sampler, 2000
  • "Juryman – East of Here" on Freezone: Seven Is Seven Is, SSR Records, 2001
  • "Juryman – The Ghost Hunter" on Nova Mix 01 – Full Spectrum – Gilb'R, Nova Records, 2001
  • "Juryman – The Ghost Hunter" on Distance Cafe, Nova Records, 2002
  • "Juryman – Belle's Poem" on Novo Brasil 01, Distance Records, 2002
  • "Juryman – The Ghost Hunter" on Electric Gypsyland, Crammed Discs, 2003
  • "Juryman – Belle's Poem" on Mosquito Bar 4: Chill Out Sessions, BMG Belgium, 2003
  • "Juryman vs. Taraf de Haïdouks – Cind Eram La '48 (Chronicle Of A Peasant Uprising)" on Electric Gypsiland, Crammed Discs, 2003
  • "Juryman – Chinese Mike" on Cabin In The Sky, Cramboy, 2004
  • "Juryman – Overstretchin" on 'Nu Pop, Wagram, 2004
  • "Juryman – The Morning" on Trip Hop Anthology, Wagram, 2006
  • "Juryman – The Morning" on Saint-Germain Des-Pres Café Paris, Wagram, 2007
  • "Ian Simmonds – Luna Swell" on Atlas Earth, Jumpin' & Pumpin', 1997
  • "Ian Simmonds – Childhood" on Joint Ventures, NINEBARecords, 1997
  • "Ian Simmonds – The Man With No Thumbs" on Offering 2: The Past, Present & Future Of !K7, !K7, 1998
  • "Ian Simmonds – Theme To The Last Puma" on Transatlantik Lounging, Life Enhancing Audio, 1999
  • "Ian Simmonds – Alvin's Blues" on Musikexpress 42 – !K7, Life Enhancing Audio, 2000
  • "Ian Simmonds – Alvin's Blues" on Cassagrande Lounge, Cassagrande, 2001
  • "Ian Simmonds – Jet" on Mind The Gap Volume 35, Gonzo Circus, 2001
  • "Ian Simmonds – Swingin' Millie (Slop Shop Jam)" on Kid Kenobi Featuring MC Shureshock – Clubber's Guide To Breaks Vol. 2, Ministry of Sound, 2002
  • "Ian Simmonds – Swingin' Millie (Slop Shop Mix)" on Music For Modern Living Vol. 5, Lounge Records, 2001
  • "Ian Simmonds – Theme To The Last Puma" on Saint-Germain-Des-Prés Café, Wagram, 2001
  • "Ian Simmonds – Alvin's Blues" on Springone Compilation, Zeiger Records, 2001
  • "Ian Simmonds – Alvin's Blues" on The Chillout Lounge, Smooth Music, 2001
  • "Ian Simmonds – Swingin' Millie (Slop Shop Mix)" on Fruit 2 – Melon, Musicpark Records, 2002
  • "Ian Simmonds & DJ Rocca – Better Man" on Illicit Sounds Of Maffia – Chapter 3, Kom-Fut Manifesto Records, 2003
  • "Ian Simmonds – The Dog" on Michael Mayer – Immer 2, Kompakt, 2006
  • "Wise in Time – Slow Fall" on Club Bogaloo 2, Spinning Wheels Records, 2003


  • "Sandals – Venice Groove" on Volume Five, (Bass Ian Simmonds), Volume, 1992
  • "How Now – Humble Souls" on Humble Souls – How Now, (Producer Ian Simmonds, et al.), Acid Jazz, 1993
  • "Sandals – Venice Groove" on Wasted – The Best Of Volume (Part 1), (Bass Ian Simmonds), Volume, 1995
  • "Spacer – Agent Orange" on Spacer – Atlas Earth, (Vocals, Written by Ian Simmonds), Pussyfoot Records, 1996
  • "Spacer – Cursory Rub" on Spacer – The Beamer, (Bass Ian Simmonds), Pussyfoot Records, 2001
  • "Spacer – Houston" on Red Snapper – It's All Good (Live Version), (Bass Ian Simmonds), Keep Diggin' Records, 2002
  • "Spacer – Houston" on Red Snapper – It's All Good (Live Version), (Bass Ian Simmonds), Keep Diggin' Records, 2002
  • "The Orchestra – Tune Three" on The Orchestra – Look Away Now, (Bass Ian Simmonds), Dummond Street Records, 2002
  • "Sandals – Nothing" on Giant Steps (Volume One), (Written by Ian Simmonds, et al.), FFRR (US), 1993
  • "Sandals – A Profound Gas" on Soul CD 8 In Conjunction With Acid Jazz, (Written by Ian Simmonds, et al.), Soul CD Magazine, 1993
  • "Sandals – Nothing (Leftfield Dub)" on Slowburn: Blissed-Out Beats And After Hours Anthems, (Written by Ian Simmonds, et al.), Rumor Records, 1993
  • "Sandals – We wanna live" on Silly Symphonies – Guerrilla, fight for your right to party, (Written by Ian Simmonds, et al.), Essential Dance Music, 1996
  • "Sandals – Feet (Scott Hardkiss Remix)" on Yes – A Scott Hardkiss Mix, (Written by Ian Simmonds, et al.), Hardkiss, 1996
  • "Sandals – Nothing" on Roadkill! 1.10, (Written by Ian Simmonds, et al.), Hot Tracks, 2000
  • "Sandals – Feet (Dust Brothers Remix)" on The Chemical Brothers – The Remixes Vol. 06, (Written by Ian Simmonds, et al.), Dummond Street Records, 2002
  • "Sandals – Nothing" on The Chillout Session: Ibiza Sunsets, (Written by Ian Simmonds, et al.), Ministry of Sound, 2003
  • "Sandals – Nothing" on Acid Jazz Classics, (Written by Ian Simmonds, et al.), Ministry of Sound, 2004
  • "Sandals – Venice Groove" on Denz Da Denz Vol. 1, (Written by Ian Simmonds, et al.), BMG, 2004


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