Just Say Da

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Just Say Yes Volume IV: Just Say Da
Compilation album by Various artists
Released September 4, 1990
Genre Alternative rock
Length 78:38
Label Sire
Various artists chronology
Just Say Yes Volume III: Just Say Mao
(1989)Just Say Yes Volume III: Just Say Mao1989
Just Say Da (1990) Just Say Yes Volume V: Just Say Anything
(1991)Just Say Yes Volume V: Just Say Anything1991

Just Say Da was Sire Records' Volume 4 of Just Say Yes and was originally released on September 4, 1990 as a winter CD sampler. It contained remixes and non-album tracks of artists on the label, most of which were considered new wave or modern rock (all would eventually fall under the genre alternative rock). This was the first of the 'Just Say' themed albums to carry the Parental Advisory labeling.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Personal Jesus [Kazan Cathedral Mix] - Depeche Mode
  2. Drop the Pressure - Merlin
  3. Star [The Trafalmadore Mix] - Erasure
  4. Wish Me Luck [Karamazov Mix] - Ofra Haza
  5. Help Us, Somebody - Chris Thomas
  6. Candleland [Second Coming Version] - Ian McCulloch
  7. Breathe [Live From the Gulag] - Ministry
  8. Girl Tried to Kill Me - Ice-T
  9. When the Beatles Hit America - John Wesley Harding
  10. Id Parade - Danielle Dax
  11. November Spawned a Monster - Morrissey
  12. Gang of One - Bradford
  13. Maybe for Sure [Tunguska Event 7" Mix] - Debbie Harry
  14. Soon - My Bloody Valentine
  15. Melting Blue Delicious [St. Petersburg Mix] - Wild Swans
  16. Loaded - Primal Scream

Its continued success further fueled a series of subsequent albums, the subtitles of which were variations on the 'Just Say' theme: