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Juste Chanlatte (Comte de Rosier) (1766–1828) was a Haitian editor, journalist, poet, playwright and a count. He served as secretary to King Henri I of the Kingdom of Haiti with the nobility title of "Comte de Rosier." Chanlatte was born in Port-au-Prince and educated in France. He wrote for La Gazette du Cap and later was the editor of the official government publication under President Jean-Pierre Boyer, le Télégraphe.

Selected works[edit]

  • "Hayti reconnaissante" (1819)
  • Ode à l'Indépendance (1821)
  • Cantate à l'Indépendance (1821)
  • La Triple Palme (1822)
  • Le Naufrage de "l'Alexandre"

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