Juvencio Valle

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Juvencio Valle

Juvencio Valle, also known by the pseudonym Gilberto Concha Riffo (November 6, 1900 – February 12, 1999), was a noted Chilean poet. He is a recipient of the Premio Nacional de Literatura de Chile, a National Prize awarded to poets of high achievement.


Valle was born in Villa Almagro, Nueva Imperial in 1900. He studied at a primary school in his native town but at the age of 11, his family moved to Temuco where he studied at a grammar school, also attended by Pablo Neruda. In 1918, he traveled for the first time to the Chilean capital of Santiago, where he remained for two years; and he began to develop an ability for writing poetry. In 1932, his time spent in Santiago was reflected in his work. In 1938, he traveled to Spain, and became active in Ercilla magazine. He later returned to Chile and in 1941 and won a contest of the Municipality of Santiago, with his book Nimbo de piedra, dedicated to the four hundred years of the city.

Valle later traveled to Romania, the Soviet Union, and other countries of eastern Europe and to Cuba. In 1966, he received the National Prize of Literature (Premio Nacional de Literatura de Chile).

He died on February 12, 1999, aged 98.


  • La flauta del hombre pan. 1929.
  • El tratado del bosque. 1932.
  • Nimbo de piedra. 1941.
  • El hijo del guardabosque. 1951.
  • Del monte en la ladera. 1960.