K-1 Grand Prix '93

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K-1 Grand Prix '93
Promotion K-1
Date April 30, 1993
Venue Yoyogi National Gymnasium
City Tokyo, Japan Japan
Attendance 12,000
Event chronology
K-1 Sanctuary I K-1 Grand Prix '93 K-1 Sanctuary III

K-1 Grand Prix '93 was a martial arts event held by the K-1 organization on April 30, 1993 at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan. It was the inaugural K-1 World Grand Prix, featuring an eight-man tournament fought under K-1 rules (3 min. × 3 rounds + 1 extra round). The eight tournament qualifiers were all invited on the basis of their achievements in the kickboxing world (for more information on this see the bulleted list below). As well as tournament matches there was also a full contact karate bout between Andy Hug and Nobuaki Kakuda. The event featured a total of ten fights with fighters representing seven different countries in total. The tournament winner was Branko Cikatić who defeated Ernesto Hoost in the final by first round knockout, becoming the first ever K-1 World champion.[1]

Tournament Qualifiers

  • Peter Aerts - W.M.T.A. Muay Thai Heavyweight World champion, I.K.B.F. World Heavyweight champion
  • Toshiyuki Atokawa - Karate World Cup '91 champion, All Japan Open Karate Championships champion
  • Branko Cikatić - I.K.B.F. Kickboxing World Cruiserweight champion, W.K.A. Kickboxing World Cruiserweight champion, Muay Thai World Light Heavyweight Champion
  • Todd Hays - US National Kickboxing Heavyweight champion
  • Ernesto Hoost - W.K.A. Kickboxing World champion, W.M.T.A. Muay Thai World Light Heavyweight champion, Savate World champion
  • Changpuek Kiatsongrit - I.M.T.F Muay Thai World Light Heavyweight champion, W.M.K. World Heavyweight champion
  • Masaaki Satake - Karate Japan Open champion
  • Maurice Smith - W.K.C. Light-Heavyweight World champion, W.K.A. Kickboxing Heavyweight World champion

K-1 Grand Prix '93 Tournament[edit]

Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
 United States Todd Hays    
 Japan Masaaki Satake KO      Japan Masaaki Satake    
 Croatia Branko Cikatić KO      Croatia Branko Cikatić KO  
 Thailand Changpuek Kiatsongrit          Croatia Branko Cikatić KO
 Japan Toshiyuki Atokawa          Netherlands Ernesto Hoost  
 United States Maurice Smith DEC      United States Maurice Smith  
 Netherlands Peter Aerts        Netherlands Ernesto Hoost KO    
 Netherlands Ernesto Hoost DEC  


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